Victorian Rail Track has a s.372 (Application to deal with other contravention disputes) matter to defend before Commissioner Lee in Court 5 – Level 6 and Conference Room D – Level 6 in Melbourne (Straube).

An application by Busways Group Pty Ltd (s.425 – Application to suspense industrial action, cooling off) will be the preserve of Fair Work Deputy President Sams in Hearing Room 14 – 1 – Level 14 in Sydney.

Qantas Airways Pty Ltd has a similar s.604 (Appeal of decisions) challenge in front of the Full Bench in Court 1 – Level 6 in Sydney (Rodl).

QF Cabin Crew Australia Pty Limited is facing a s.604 (Appeal of decisions) before the Fair Work Full Bench in Court 1 – Level 6 in Melbourne (Urso).

TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT – contract for specified term – ss.386, 394 Fair Work Act 2009 – application for unfair dismissal – jurisdictional objection – respondent asserted that the applicant’s contract was for a specified term – by virtue of s.386(2)(a) of the FW Act, an applicant will not be found to have been dismissed if they were employed under a contract for a specified period of time and they were terminated at the end of that period – whether the reference in the contract which provides ‘Throughout this period of time, either party may terminate this contract of employment with one week’s notice’ has the effect of preventing the characterisation of the contract as a fixed term – Andersen considered – Commission found that because the contract permitted either party to terminate the contract with one week’s notice, it results in the contract not being correctly characterised as a fixed term contract within the meaning of s.386(2)(a) – found applicant was dismissed – matter to be listed for Directions as to the merits of the application. Nesci v The Playford Hotel t/a The Playford Hotel P/L

Canberra Greyhound Racing Club Inc is facing a brace of s.739 (Application to deal with a dispute) before Fair Work Deputy President Dean in his ACT chambers (Peck/Thomas).

Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd is facing a s.739 (Application to deal with a dispute) before Fair Work Commissioner Spencer in his Brisbane Chambers (Turner).

Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd will defend a s.739 (Application to deal with a dispute) at 2pm today in front of Commissioner Lee in Court 3 & Conference Room B – Level 6 in Melbourne (Mitchell).