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An application for approval of the Harbour City Ferries Maritime Agreement 2015 is before Fair Work Commisioner Cambridge in Sydney

QT Hotels & Resorts Pty Ltd is facing an s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) from an ex-employee (Csontos).

Sydney Trains is appearing before Fair Work Commissioner McKenna to answer an s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) from an ex-employee (Poposki).

China Southern Airlines Limited will be in the Fair Work Commission at 4pm today to defend an s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) from a disgruntled ex-employee (Mohanan).

Termination of employment – extension of time – ss.394, 400, 604 Fair Work Act 2009 – permission to appeal – Full Bench – application for relief for unfair dismissal filed four days outside 21 day time limit – no extension of time granted at first instance – application for permission to appeal – appellant raised that there were serious procedural errors as grounds for appeal – Full Bench found there was no demonstrable error in the decision with appeal grounds suggesting a dissatisfaction with the result – correct exercise of discretion – permission to appeal refused. The appeal was by Gutzeit against the order of Drake SDP of 26 May 2015 [PR567778] Re: Liquorland (QLD) P/L t/a Spirit Hotels Liquorland (South East Queensland).

Delaware North Kings Canyon Pty Ltd, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd and Alice Springs Resort Enterprises Pty Ltd will argue an earlier Fair Work Commission decision before the Full Bench in Sydney.

The Forster Tuncurry Golf Club Ltd is making an s.120 (application to vary redundancy pay for other employment or incapacity to pay) to Fair Work Commissioner Deputy President Sams in Melbourne.

Pambula Merimbula Golf Club Limited is in another unfair dismissal bunker (Libbis) in the Fair Work Commission in Sydney.