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QCatering Limited is facing a challenge from the Transport Workers Union. Fair Work Commissioner Cribb in Melbourne is to hear the s.739 dispute.

Pambula Merimbula Golf Club Limited is facing an s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) (Libbis).

Reserve Hotels Pty Ltd is handling an s.365 (application to deal with contraventions involving dismissal) (Hargreaves).

Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd is now subject to an s.739 (application to deal with a dispute) from an ex-employee (Anders).

An application for approval of the Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Pilots’ Enterprise Agreement 2015 is being reviewed by Fair Work Commissioner Simpson in Brisbane.

Emma Devine has lost her unfair dismissal claim against Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Limited T/A Sandbelt Hotel, South Road, Moorabbin. After filing her claim, Ms Devine lost interest in following the paper trail.

Delaware North Kings Canyon Pty Ltd and Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd are appealing a decision in favour of Alice Springs Resort Enterprises Pty Ltd in the Fair Work Commission in NSW.

Qantas Airways Ltd is fighting an unfair dismissal claim (Mugford).